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November 10, 2010

What sits behind it? Ms Helen Zille, the Western Cape premier, yesterday received a "cow" of different colour as a gift. Past Charles George of the  Home of Compassion in Delft and community members, delivered the cow made of fibre glass, to Leeuwenhof her official residence, as a gesture of gratitude to Zille.
George operates the Grace-program that feeds the poor in Delft. The provincial government earlier opened a community centre there where skills are learned and library services and musical development are presented.
The cow, that symbolises wealth, will be placed on the lawn at Leeuwenhof.
Die Burger, Woensdag 10 November 2010
Foto: Lulama Zenzile

Zoë Academy of Skills Training Centre holds first graduation Ceremony

September 4, 2010

It was a joyous occasion this Friday morning (3rd September 2010) at the Zoë Academy of Skills Training Centre when 35 students were awarded their diplomas for training courses they have completed at the Academy.
Amidst loud cheers from fellow students and members of the community Councilor Aubrey Robinson, Chairperson of Sub council 23 of the City of Cape Town handed the certificates and diplomas to the proud recipients.
Councilor Robinson was very appreciative of the efforts of the ...

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Premier opens skills academy in Delft

August 24, 2010

The Old Radio Buildng in Delft was standing vacant for the past 7 years and after talks with the provincial goverment and the Premier, we were given the oppurtunity to lease the buidling from the goverment for the amount of R150 per month.
We were given the building in a vandalised  state in January of 2010 and with the help of the 200 volunteers, the site was cleaned. We then started to work on the building and completed renovations in the month of May 2010 and the building was also op...

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