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Grace is funded primarily by the Free Range Trust, Group of Companies. 

Welcome to the Grace Feeding Scheme

Grace Feeding does not only prepare and distribute more than 80 000 meals per month but also work within our schools and partnered with like minded organizations. Our partners, which mainly consists of different NPO’s, NGOs and AIDS care facilities, assist with the distribution of the food. Grace Feeding Scheme is the social arm of the church and also assists other organizations such as crèches, trauma centres, old age homes, day hospitals and children that do not attend crèche or school within the Delft, West Bank Community with nutritional meals.

Grace is run by a board of directors and a small, paid staff that manages all the operations. We are supported by volunteers within our local community. We rely totally on donations to fund our activities. Grace's core purpose is to be relevant and support all structures that will empower and equip, children within out community. Grace works hand in hand with all educators in schools by providing healthy, nutritional hot meals to learners identified by the teachers, that have not eaten for more than a few days. The key focus of Grace is to, as far as possible, distribute meals to those who really need it.

The best method is for Grace to work within structures that it has put in place, to build, empower and uplift the human race. At Grace we distribute food to 90% of the schools in Delft and West Bank. We also distribute goods to crèches, other like-minded organizations, our trauma centre, local day hospital and "points" within our community.

What we refer to as a "Point" is where we identified a home, church building or some sort of structure, where food can be distributed to kids not attending crèche or school. We also distribute food to homes that care for HIV/AIDS infected children.

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