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Our vision
Changing our community from the inside out.


Our mission
Our mission is to eradicate unemployment, oppression, hopelessness and illiteracy within our community. By creating a culture of hope by providing the necessary skills and awareness programmes to help them discover their God given abilities and potential, to initiate change to occur within their own deprived community.


We believe in the impartation of essential skills into marginalized and previously disadvantaged individuals. These skills will then assist them to break free from systemic poverty and in the long run will change the minds and hearts of people within the community where these individuals are residing.

Zoë Incubation centre will provide training courses to these individuals living in Delft as well as to the communities that are surrounding Delft.
The some of the training courses that will be provided are:
  • Orientation     Firstly, people will be provided with a training programme that will revitalise their thinking;
  • Developmental Courses     Trainees will also receive training in Arts & Crafts, Life Skills, HIV/Aids, Hygiene and Nutrition;
  • Skills Training    Trainees will then be taught practical skills – from baking, to cooking, plumbing, bricklaying, farming, IT, etc. – that they need to secure work;
  • Practical Training    Once the trainees have been taught the theoretical skills, they will be provided with the opportunity to use those skills in real life – the bakers will be placed in a bakery, the cooks in a restaurant, etc., where they will be expected to practise their skills until they are proficient.
To achieve this, Zoë has established relationships with a number of large corporations where trainees can be placed to obtain practical experience;
  • Job placement   Upon the completion of their practical training, the trainees are ready for placement into the formal economy. Zoë has established relationships with a number of recruiting agencies through which trainees can be placed into formal job opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurial Development   Those individuals that have successfully passed their practical training and shows entrepreneurial potential can then proceed to the entrepreneurial development stage, where they will be envisioned, trained and mentored until they can stand in their own shoes as fully fledged entrepreneurs.
On achieving this, we are confident that the minds of the individuals that are impacted will be unroped, they will start to see the potential that was placed in them and they will start to further develop themselves as well as start to impact other individuals that need to see that potential and gifts were given to them as well.
Our aim is therefore to start o change a community from the inside out, changing the thinking of the community one person at a time.

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