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Zoe [life] (Greek)

"Eternal life (zoe) is the whole
future of the redeemed, and
the final glory and reward to
which the children of God enter.
Jesus says he is the way, the
truth and the life (zoe)."

Luke 16:9, 1Tim 6:12,
Rom 6:22, Gal 6:8,
1Tim 1:16, Rom 5:21,
John 14:6.
Welcome to Zoe Family Church

Every church, like a person, has a personality. Purpose focuses on "what we do," while style focuses on"how we do it." The personality or lifestyle of the local church determines how it goes about doing its ministry. Our style of ministry is what is commonly known as our"philosophy of ministry." This is developed out of a clear understanding of biblical values to which we hold.

Zoe Family Church has a heart for the spiritual brokenness of the Delft and surrounding Communities and it’s foundation is cemented with biblical values. We at Zoe Family Church desire to bring the God kind of life to a broken, negative and spiritually dying community. At Zoe Family Church we desire to meet any given need at any given time. We desire to teach the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ and counsel people as to the biblical view of the problems they face. At Zoe Family Church we cater for all groups and types of people from small to big, young to old. We desire to see people walking around healed, saved, delivered and free from any form of depression.

Family is the key for us as we believe in the restoration of families. We set goals for healthy marriages to be birthed out of healthy relationships with God. Zoe Family Church is accountable to COTN (Church of the Nations) and also accountable to ARC (Association of Related Churches) which is locally based. Zoe Family Church is governed by board members, that are held responsible for the vision to come to completion. Our passion for the lost and our love for the Lord drives us towards wanting to see our community transformed. We desire to relevant, transparent and honest in all our involvements with our community.

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