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How would the Sponsor pay the required amount?

Direct deposits can be made into the HOCM’s bank account. The bank account details are:

Account name: Home Of Compassion Ministries

Bank:                ABSA Bank

Branch code:     632005  

Swift Number : ABSAZAJJ

Account type:  Cheque Account

Account number:   4077 199 529

The following reference must be completed on the deposit slip:

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will issue the sponsor a formal letter thanking the sponsor for taking part in this initiative. Together with this letter we will provide a list of participants that will be receiving the bread for 67 days.

 A Mandela Day Initiative - 67 Loaves for Madiba


The HoCM would like to present the following initiative to you the sponsor:

“67 Loaves for Madiba”

      Through the 67 Loaves for Madiba Initiative we would like to present individuals, companies and organizations a very unique way to participating in Mandela Day on 18 July 2016.

     Any individual, company and organization would be provided the opportunity to purchase 67 loaves of bread at a cost of R8-00 per loaf. The bread purchased would then be donated

           to a person of need living in the Delft community. Each day for 67 days, the person receiving the bread will receive one loaf of bread a day.

We believe that through the 67 Loaves for Madiba initiative we will achieve the following objectives:

  • On average, a loaf of bread in the Delft area costs approximately R14. With the level of poverty within the community many simply cannot afford a loaf of bread. Through this initiative, we would want to provide those that have the most need some nourishment and hope.

  • We would like to afford those participating in Mandela Day with a unique opportunity to not only assist those in need but to play an active role in reducing hunger.

  • Through this initiative we would like to add a bit of support to ensure that Madiba’s legacy lives on.

  • Assist us in continually providing the bakery training to the Delft community in assisting with job creation.

Who will be designated as recipients of the bread?

       The HoCM will NOT determine who will receive the bread, however recipients of the bread will be chosen from those registered with the Department of Social Development.

There are approximately 1500 people from the Delft community registered with the Department of Social Development. A participant would be selected at random in the event we do not obtain sponsors to reach all the community members registered with the Department of Social Development. Each person receiving the bread will be notified in writing that they have been chosen to participate. Upon collection of the bread, each recipient would need to provide the letter as proof that they have been selected as being a participant.

A list of participants together with their contact details would then be made available to each sponsor.


 Why the cost of R8-00 per loaf?

To manufacture the bread it currently costs us R8-00 per loaf. This includes the cost of ingredients and manufacturing overheads such as electricity and water. Included in this cost is a small stipend we pay our learners.

The remaining R1 upon request we will make available the opportunity to provide 67 unemployed individuals both male and female the opportunity to come and assist in our bakery project for 67 days and training them in our bakery school.

Furthermore, the average cost of a loaf of bread is approximately R14 per loaf and by asking for a R8-00 donation per loaf, it would allow us to recover our costs.

What role would a Sponsor play?

All that the sponsor would be required to do is to select the amount of bread they would purchase for R8-00 a loaf. However we would require the commitment from each sponsor to at least purchase for an individual the guaranteed 67 loaves per participant. HoCM would ensure that the 1 loaf of bread a day will be delivered to each participant for 67 days.

When will this initiative begin and how long will it last?

Initially we would like to start delivering the bread from the official date of Mandela Day, 18 July 2016. It will last for at least 67 days during which each recipient will receive 1 loaf of bread a day for 67 days.

If this initiative is successful and depending on demand, we would like to offer this throughout the year. 


Watch our 67 loave initiative clip now

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